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City of Lost Souls (Mortal Instruments) ebook cover


The City of Lost Souls is the fifth book of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It was published on 05/08/2012. This series has attained the status of New York Times bestselling. What will happen to our favorite characters, Jace, Clary, Simon… Who can be trusted, especially when situations get heated and complicated? Will darkness be able to claim the Shadow Hunters? Who knows get a copy and find out!


I thought this book would be a disappointment for some reason maybe because the series was meant to be a trilogy and this was the 5th publication. I think reading the City of Fallen Angels maybe helped framed my mind for disappointment. But I was wrong and thankfully so. The book was able to emote feelings from across the spectrum making me feel the emotions of both worlds. Believe me; this book is a must-read if you are trying to decide, just buy Lost Souls and read it you would not regret it.

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Download City of Lost Souls [PDF] [ePub] or you can purchase the book from Amazon.

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City of Lost Souls
(The Mortal Instruments)
Note the latter part of the video contains spoilers and I will not be held accountable if you are unable to stop yourself from watching the full video due to a shared enthusiasm with the reviewer in the video.

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