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The story starts in a modernized American city. We meet a Fireman (hence Fahrenheit 451) who burns books call Guy Montag. In this timeline, everyone is less social and somewhat backward (kind of what we are heading to today). For example, firefighters do not extinguish fires; they start them. No one reads books anymore or enjoy life’s natural pleasures, they do not think without support, spend time or have heartfelt conversations with others. Alternatively, they simply drive fast and watch way too much television on screens the size of a wall and or listen to radios seated upon their ears.

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Fortunately, Montag meets McClellan, a young girl who reveals to him the pointlessness and loneliness of his life, with her innocent pressing questions. She also shared with him the joy she found when becoming one with nature. Starting a chain reaction over the succeeding days, Montag experiences an array of unusual occurrences such as his wife swallows an entire bottle of sleeping pills in an attempted suicide and he meets an old woman who had hidden literature and decided she would rather be burned alive with the books than live. Also, Clarissa was killed a few days later in a car accident. Keep reading the Fahrenheit 451 pdf given above for more on the novel.

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